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May 2018 | Newsletter Spring 2018

UCT appoints a new Vice-Chancellor

UCT has made its decision on its new Vice-Chancellor.

October 2017 | Newsletter Fall 2017

Distinguishing UCT

The Distinguishing UCT Campaign affects us all - it’s aim is to maintain the standard of excellence UCT is known for and provide for growth into the future, keeping UCT up there as the leading African university and contributing globally to research, innovation and education. Your UCT degree is globally recognised, let’s keep it that way!

October 2017 | Newsletter Fall 2017

Young Alumni Group formed in Toronto

Young alumni in Toronto have recently come together to form the UCT Young Alumni Group. Their aim is to build a network of fellow young UCT alumni and business leaders, to help broaden their career opportunities and growth. Interested in joining?

October 2017 | Newsletter Fall 2017

Graduation 2017 and Your Plans for Golden Graduation

Did you graduate more than 50 years ago? Consider attending a Golden Graduation ceremony on your next visit to Cape Town.

October 2017 | Newsletter Fall 2017

UCT’s GSB to represent Africa in UNDP partnership on impact investing

UCT is one of nine universities partnering in a UNDP program to develop a research agenda to better leverage private investment in financing its Sustainable Development Goals. The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship will lead the UCT initiative.

October 2017 | Newsletter Fall 2017

Selection of new Vice-Chancellor and other updates

The UCT Council is in the process of appointing a new Vice-Chancellor to take over from Dr Max Price. His second five-year term ends on 30 June 2018. Follow the process, and catch up on other UCT updates.

October 2017 | Newsletter Fall 2017

Don’t overlook the importance of postgraduate support

South African postgraduate students are conducting research to address specific challenges, contributing significantly and practically to a growth in knowledge, economy and culture. And the reach is global as evidenced by their achievements.

October 2017 | Newsletter Fall 2017

UCT Visitors to Canada

We were able to welcome two UCT visitors to Canada this summer, bringing first-hand news from campus.

April 2017 | Newsletter Spring 2017

Catch up on the latest news on research and activities at UCT

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April 2017 | Newsletter Spring 2017

Spring Fundraising Report

Canadian alumni and donors have come to the fore once again in support of education - we offer thanks to our donors.

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