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Vice-Chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng’s Vision for the University of Cape Town January 2019

“The University of Cape Town is in a season of change. It is clear that our students, staff members, alumni and donors are ready for a more inclusive institution to emerge, an institution that speaks more directly to their lived realities. We want to see an institution that is more representative of the country we live in, and for students and staff to see their cultures, values, heritage and knowledge systems reflected here in everything they do.

As a result, the wider university community has been reflecting on what we are doing, how we can work together more compassionately, and what UCT’s purpose really is.

Our constant dedication to the academic project is the cornerstone of our work at UCT. We are a diverse community making a contribution to this institution, the people who belong to it and its future. And as we all contribute, we all benefit – in our personal growth, in our careers and as a university community.

We constantly ask the question, ‘How can we continue to maintain our high standards and make a lasting, sustainable impact in higher education and in wider society?’ This is the question that drives our vision and informs all we do. It is in our collective efforts that this vision will be achieved.

The vision is supported by three pillars that are the very foundations of the academic project: excellence, transformation and sustainability.”


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