Alumni Giving

Sit back, take a deep breath.

Imagine your time spent at UCT - your life about to unfold, times of great friendships, great parties, great sporting events - and hard work, leading to the euphoria of graduation! Where you sit today you can look back at that time and then consider where you are today, how far you have come, what roads you have travelled. In considering giving back, your support today can make a difference to the future. It is a future that will impact on many others along life’s journey - and you can have a hand in that. Just imagine.

Just imagine what your support can do to assist in the community caring that UCT undertakes through its many projects. You CAN make a difference.

Imagine that YOU can have an impact on -

• Community Health Care training through the Eden Project;
• Human Rights and easing family trauma through support of
the Forensic Pathology Institute
• Maternal mental health through the Perinatal Mental Health Project;
• Student volunteerism and community engagement through SHAWCO projects;
• African child health care through the African Paediatric Fellowships Program;
• Health Sciences scholarship through the
Canadian Alumni MBChB Bursary Fund;
• Academic advancement through
Canadian Alumni Postgraduate bursary fund ;
• Student support through the establishment of a named bursary;
giving the gift of a UCT Experience to another young person just starting out, their future ahead.
• The success of UCT’s Strategic Initiatives;
• The future of UCT through the Distinguishing UCT Campaign,
or through a gift in your Will.

Your donation

You will be partnering with a world-class African institution, the University of Cape Town who will ensure efficient and effective use of funds, with the following additional benefits:

  • An established infrastructure exists for correct accounting and expenditure of donor funds both through the UCT regional office in Toronto, and in Cape Town;
  • Accountability is provided through accredited auditing procedures carried out annually by the University;
  • Timeous and relevant reporting is provided through the UCT regional office in Toronto, and
  • The opportunity for active engagement with donation recipients can be arranged through the UCT regional office in Toronto in liaison with the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • UCT has the status of a “prescribed university outside Canada” as listed under Section VIII of the Canadian Income Tax Act. UCT is a qualified donee under this status, and donations to the University of Cape Town, through the office in Toronto, will qualify for a tax rebate

Your support CAN make a long-term difference to the many lives impacted upon by the University of Cape Town.


If you intend making a donation by cheque, please make cheques payable to “University of Cape Town Donations”. Donations are deposited into a TD Bank account in Toronto and transferred in their entirety periodically to UCT. Mail to UCT Regional Office Canada, 2927 LakeShore Blvd West, Unit 227, Toronto ON, M8V 1J3.

Calculate your tax credit using the CRA Charitable Donations Tax Credit Calculator.

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Forthcoming Events

November 15, 2018 | Vancouver

Prof Ntobeko Ntusi, Head of the Department of Medicine, will be visiting Vancouver on 15 and 16 November 2018. An alumni reception and dinner is being organised for Thursday, November 15, 2018, at the Arbutus Club.

December 2018 | Cape Town

HEALTH SCIENCES REUNIONS: Class of 1993 (25th Reunion); Class of 1968 (50th Reunion). More info.

December 2018 | Cape Town

GOLDEN GRADUATION takes place each year to honour those who graduated 50 years ago or more. Join in this special day. Read more on our Dates to Note page.

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