Three-Way PhD Global Partnerships

Advancing African scholarship in the global arena

Being an Afropolitan university means ensuring that our research on indigenous knowledge systems contributes to resolving problems of global concern. This is achieved through the establishment of academic partners across the world who can thereby gain a more integrated understanding of our natural and social worlds. Greater exposure to research findings from our region helps to ensure that regional challenges are appreciated within the wider context of international development.

The Global Three-Way PhD Partnership Program is an initiative of the University of Cape Town to expose and develop the expertise of PhD candidates by linking their research projects to partners in the Global South and the Global North. In order to establish the finest and most effective model for advancing new knowledge and a next generation of researchers, efforts are focused on enabling a triangle of experience and skill.

While the University of Cape Town provides financial assistance to postgraduate students from its reserves, the need far outweighs the fund. Donor funding is invited to support doctoral candidates embarking on the project. [Excerpt from “Advancing African scholarship in the global arena”].

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