Canadian Alumni Support for Bursaries

The challenge of funding a university degree is one that the University of Cape Town (UCT) has committed itself to, ensuring that no student will be turned away simply on the basis of financial need.

We endeavour to optimise this opportunity through more financial assistance programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Bursaries make allowance for mentoring and tutoring facilities, careerpathing, as well as health and wellness. While some students are supported by NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) funding, those who fall outside of the R350 000 (Ca$35,000) annual household income limit, still have funding needs due to family commitments. If such students are from families with an annual household income below R600 000 (Ca$60,000), they are assisted with gap funding that ranges from Ca$2,000 - $10,000.

An undergraduate, full-cost bursary at UCT is estimated at an average cost of approximately Ca$14,000 per student per year. Full cost includes residence fees and text books. Not all students in need of financial assistance are fully funded and while partial sponsorship of tuition and residence is a welcome support, they still bear the challenge of funding ancillary costs. As a result, many students find themselves in financial debt and while they are academically eligible to continue in their study programs, historical student fee debt still needs to be reconciled.

UCT is reliant on donors to consider partnering with us to assist students who face the risk of not completing their studies and graduating due to historical student fee debt with the University. In many instances, these outstanding fees range from around Ca$1,000 - $10,000 per student. This is over and above any other student loans they may carry.

Given the critical shortage of postgraduate qualifications in South Africa and the need to produce more specialists to increase the knowledge base of our region, UCT aims to attract a larger number of postgraduate candidates for study. Since many outstanding students do not have the financial capacity to pursue honours, masters or doctoral degrees, the need often outweighs the limited resources that the university can provide. Postgraduate bursary programs at UCT are also structured as comprehensive support packages, responding to students’ needs for support with academic fees, residence fees, research costs, and essential living expenses. Honours Degree bursaries are calculated at Ca$15,000 per year, while Masters Degree program are set at Ca$16,500 per year, and Doctoral Degree programs at Ca$18,000 per year.

Your support can make a difference to a student’s future. Email for an information document on setting up a bursary.

Support UCT

  • MAIL YOUR CHEQUE, made out to “University of Cape Town Donations”,
    to 2927 LakeShore Blvd W. Toronto ON M8V 1J3.

The University of Cape Town is a ‘prescribed university’ under Section 118.1 of the Canadian Income Tax Act (Schedule VIII, item No. 19). As a qualified donee, donations to the University of Cape Town are eligible for Canadian tax credits.

Over the years Canadian Alumni have generously supported specific bursaries. They are listed here.

Canadian Alumni Bursary in MBChB: 9 students have received awards from this bursary fund since 2008.
Canadian Alumni Postgraduate Bursary: 15 students have received awards since 2008 from this bursary fund.
The Aisha (Ka-Asa) Mohamed and Gadija (Sissie) Bayat Memorial Bursary in Medicine: This bursary has been awarded annually since 2009 to a deserving MBChB student.
Daphne Cockwell Bursary in Nursing & Midwifery: An average of 8 students per year have received awards over the past 5 years.
Ernest Fullagar Opera Scholarships: 6 students received awards from this fund between 2004 and 2010, many received multi-year funding.
Invictus Sports Scholarships: An average of 10 students per year over the past 5 years have received funding from this scholarship - an amazing total of 50 awards.
The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business and Hatch have together provided bursary support, and in recent years support for the Graduate School of Business to compete in the J.B. Molson MBA Case Competition in Montreal each year.

Should you wish to discuss support of bursaries or require further information, please contact Di Stafford at 416 648 5801 or email

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