University of Cape Town, Regional Office Canada

Spring 2015

Dear Alumni

I thought to get you this newsletter before the weekend hits, with lots of interesting tidbits to read.

Be sure to look at “What’s going on at UCT?” A question on many alumni’s minds.

I have included an interesting mixed bag of snippets of things going on on campus, as well as reports on UCT’s community projects - all
run through generous donor support.

I truly enjoyed my recent visit out West to meet many alumni - thank you for coming out to the events held in Calgary and Vancouver and for supporting your alma mater. Be sure to look at the pics on the Alumni Event report.

As always, wishing everyone a great summer!

Di Stafford


“What’s going on at UCT?”

A question many have asked in the recent while. This April as South Africa celebrates Freedom Day, we draw you to UCT’s issue of Monday Monthly with its reflections on the past and editorial “Past tense, present imperfect: now what of the future”.

UCT Launches MOOCS

In March this year UCT offered its first MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). Read more about these free online courses designed for global mass participation by anyone. [Artwork by Pippa Scotnes] [Read More]

Alumni April Events

During April alumni in Calgary and Vancouver came together to witness the greatest comeback in varsity rugby as the Ikey Tigers took the 2014 Varsity cup. [Read More]

SHAWCO teaches Respect

During a recent visit to UCT, the UCT International Officers were encouraged by the uplifting energy and respect displayed at SHAWCO’s Kensington Education Centre [Read More]

100-UP Students to take on UCT

December 2014 saw the first cohort of the 100-UP students take their matric. Results are fantastic! Read more about this empowering program aimed at preparing high school learners for university admittance.

[Read More]

Where to now?

Where do UCT students go after they graduate? Read more for an interactive look at 4,000 students from the Class of 2014. 44% of students were employed by their graduation day.

UCT Canadian Alumni Bursary Holders - a bright future awaits

Through generous support from many alumni, 2015 awards have been made to four students who will receive a measure of support for their studies. Our thanks go out to the many alumni who support bursaries from Canada - remember every donations makes a difference, no matter the size.
[Read More]

Visiting Cape Town soon?

UCT acquires the Protea Hotel, Mowbray - a beautifully restored Cape Dutch Manor [Read More]

Sc Students

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Many Canadian companies offer to match gifts made by their employees. Read more for a list of companies and to see if your donation qualifies to be doubled.