University of Cape Town, Regional Office Canada

Fall 2016

I took great pleasure in putting together this latest Canadian Alumni newsletter for you.

There are many success stories about UCT, its research and the achievements of its students.

UCT is in the news a lot lately, and I have included a link to the website where you can stay up to date on developments.

South African institutions of higher learning have all been experiencing student protests across their campuses. This unrest coincided with UCT launching its Distinguishing UCT campaign, a campaign which has been in the planning stages for the past 18 months. Diminished financial support from government has necessitated this initiative if the university is to maintain its standards of educating long into the future. The call is to support the endowment, which will facilitate support of future strategic teaching and research programs within faculties, produce the next generation of talented academics, and provide for student support.

Amidst tumultuous times on campus we have decided to proceed with the Annual Alumni Appeal focused on the campaign because we are looking to the future, to a future where UCT will continue to participate in globally-recognised research and provide a world class education.

To access the Distinguishing UCT campaign site and make your contribution to the future of UCT, please follow this link.

I hope you enjoy the articles I have put together for you.

Wishing you all the best as we near the end of the year and get ready to celebrate the coming winter and the festive season.

Di Stafford

Regional Director: International Operations, Canada
Development & Alumni Department
University of Cape Town

UCT Upstarts - creators of a new society.

Student entrepreneurs enthralled a large crowd of business leaders, tech entrepreneurs, investors, changemakers, creative innovators and education at the live crowd-bidding event held recently. Find out more about Upstarts.
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UCT in global microbial research

On 21 September 2016, 193 countries signed a landmark declaration at the United Nations General Assembly, agreeing to combat one of the biggest risks to modern medicine - antimicrobial resistance. UCT’s Drug Discovery & Development Centre is one of five drug research institutions selected to participate in the research project.
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MasterCard Foundation Student wants to develop Lesotho

The MasterCard Foundation have most generously supported a scholarship programme in Africa, and particularly at UCT. Thato Semoko, a participant in the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Programme, talks of his journey to get to UCT and his plans to encourage others back home in Lesotho.
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Virtual Reality will change the world

We have all come across the term Virtual Reality and new technologies that bring it into our homes. This eye-opening article published on the UCT website addresses issues that may be of interest to parents with young children and those interested in VR’s effect on the subconscious.
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UCT in Eden - ultrasound

UCT in Eden

UCT has begun developing a presence in George and the Eden District in the form of a Health Sciences teaching platform. [Read More]

50th Anniversary of the visit of Robert Kennedy to UCT

UCT, in conjunction with the US Embassy and Robert F Kennedy Human Rights, hosted a special event on the afternoon of 4 June 2016 during which several people reflected on the legacy of Robert Kennedy’s 1966 speech at UCT. [Read More]

Health Sciences Alumni Braai, Saturday July 23rd, 2016

Alumni took advantage of the lovely summer weather to attend a traditional South African ‘braai’ (BBQ) to meet incoming Dean of Health Sciences, Prof Bongani Mayosi, during his recent visit to McMaster University.
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Distinguishing UCT

In 2018 UCT will be celebrating its centenary as a degree-awarding university. UCT is at the crossroads, as are all the universities in South Africa, to provide the resources to continue being a world-class education institution and providing a distinguished teaching, learning and research environment into the future. How are we going to achieve this?
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UCT in the News

Countrywide university campus unrest has been in the news and you may want to keep up with what is happening at UCT. Follow the link to read announcements from the VC Desk and keep up to date with the situation on your campus.
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