University of Cape Town, Regional Office Canada

Fall 2013

This edition of Canadian Alumni News presents a selection of programs at UCT addressing social responsiveness activities. These activities are grouped into four institution-wide initiatives – climate change and development, safety and violence, public schooling and poverty and inequality. I am sure you will find the articles presented here inspiring as UCT reaches out to its surrounding communities. Climate Change and development will be addressed in a future issue as space is limited.

On 6th May 2014 a special fundraiser for The Baxter Theatre will take place in Toronto, with the staging of the Baxter Theatre’s production of ‘Mies Julie’. This event will include a pre-show presentation on the production by Dr Marcia Blumberg. Be sure not to miss this production that is receiving global rave reviews.

The UCT Annual Appeal should be in mailboxes soon. I ask that you seriously consider supporting your alma mater – UCT is doing great work both on campus and beyond, impacting the social fabric of South Africa. Please join us in our efforts!

The past few months between Newsletters saw the early-retirement of Jim McNamara, Executive Director of Alumni & Development at UCT, and the welcoming of our new Director, Dr Russell Ally. Over the past few months we have been looking at future strategies and ways of engaging with our alumni in new and improved ways. I am sure alumni will join me in welcoming Russell Ally and we look forward to meeting him on Canadian shores in the not too distant future.

I hope you enjoy this compilation of UCT and Canadian Alumni news.

Best wishes to all for the festive season fast approaching!


UCT Canada

UCT Canada

GSB MBA Team ready for Montreal 2014

The GSB MBA Team set their sights on Montreal 2014. This is a call for alumni to help them showcase the GSB at this international competition. [Read More]

UCT Canada

Medical detectives at UCT

‘Medical detectives at UCT’ is one way of describing the critical work carried out by forensic pathologists at UCT [Read More]

UCT Canada

UCT responds to education crisis

The Schools Improvement Initiative(SII) is a vehicle for extending the university’s engagement in schooling - harnessing the university’s broader resources and partnering with education-related groups. [Read More]

UCT Canada

Dancing Deaf

UCT documentary screened at the Calgary International Film Festival [Read More]

UCT Canada

An unsurpassable education experience

Semester Study Abroad Student, Erin Hardman, on her semester at UCT [Read More]

UCT Canada

Perinatal Mental Health Project Gearing up for 2014

Caring for Mothers. Caring for the Future. Read more.

UCT Canada

UCT Summer School goes Virtual

UCT Summer School has just released their program of lectures and courses, many of which will be available as podcasts. [Read More]

UCT Canada

World acclaimed “Mies Julie” to be staged in Toronto

A special fundraiser in aid of the Baxter Theatre Centre, organised by Dr Marcia Blumberg [Read More]

UCT Canada

Mystery Location at UCT

How well do you know your campus? [Read More]