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Fall 2010

Chairman's Report

Summer has quickly faded, and Fall seems to be quickly running its course. And so, I present the 2010 Fall Newsletter of the UCT Foundation in Canada. [Read More]

UCT Foundation

UCT remains top-ranked African university

UCT has moved up the list in the Times Higher Education ranking, placing UCT at number 107 in the world – the university’s highest finish in any ranking yet. This is an increase from number 129 last year. Read more at

Max Price addresses alumni in Toronto

Vice Chancellor Max Price recently paid a visit to Toronto, and hosted a business networking alumni event. [Read More]

UCT Foundation

A new era for sport at UCT

The UCT Sports Council recently launched its revised Vision and Mission, “to be the leading tertiary institution for student-centred sport by providing a balanced and broad-based sports programme that promotes participation and performance excellence and through which students can achieve their full potential.”

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UCT community debates admissions policy

While most agreed that some form of redress is needed in South African society and in who gets a seat in a UCT lecture theatre, there was no such like-mindedness on the afternoon’s bone of contention – UCT’s admissions policy – which was hotly debated by panelists and audience members.

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UCT Alumni News publication

Your UCT Alumni News is now available online. [Read More]

Access UCT Lectures and Speeches

The UCT Website provides access to a number of lectures that have taken place over the past at UCT. Such lectures would include Inaugural lectures, Steve Biko Memorial Lectures, TB Davie Memorial Lectures. Access these lectures on podcast by linking to

Canadian Alumni Bursary awards

Your support CAN make a difference. [Read More]

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2009/10 South African Child Gauge Published

The South African Child Gauge, published by the UCT Children’s Institute, independently tracks progress towards the realization of children’s rights in South Africa. [Read More]

UCT Delegation attends World Seabird Conference in Vancouver

The Percy FitzPatrick Institute, based at UCT was represented by three postdoctoral fellows and four doctoral candidates at the 1st World Seabird Conference held in Victoria in September 2010 [Read More]

Down Memory Lane, by Peter Guy Silverman

Our new regular feature, this edition features pictures from Peter Guy Silverman, a student from UBC on exchange in 1955. He recalls how he was taken immediately upon his arrival at UCT, to Clifton Beach by a welcoming party from NUSAS and SASF. [Read More]