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Artists canvas honorary doctorates

Alumni Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler, who recently brought the highly acclaimed production of ‘War Horse’ to the Canadian stage, were honoured with honorary doctorates from UCT recently. View this ceremony as well as other 2012 graduation ceremonies on the UCT YouTube page.. The Award to Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler starts at point 0.16.59. Their address to the audience follows on from their award.

News from The Childrens Institute

The Children’s Institute is a leader in child policy research and advocacy in South Africa. Their activities focus on four areas that are critical to children’s well-being: child rights, child poverty, child health services, and care in the context of HIV/AIDS.

Their purpose is to provide evidence to assist policy-makers and practitioners to create policies, programmes and institutions that support the best interests of children in South Africa.

October 2012 Newsletter

African research identifies strong candidate for single-dose malaria cure

At a recent news conference, UCT’s Prof Kelly Chibale spoke of a recently discovered compound from the aminopyridine class which has the potential to become part of a single-dose cure for all strains of malaria. Together with research collaborators from Switzerland, the Drug Discovery & Development Centre at UCT will be working on further development. This will be the first compound researched on African soil to enter preclinical development in partnership with Medicines for Malaria Venture, Switzerland.

Top Honours for UCT Five

Five UCT scholars had reason to pop the bubbly last night; they were named among the country’s science and technology trailblazers when the winners of the National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF)-BHP Billiton Awards were announced at a gala event in Johannesburg.

SKA decision will expand UCT’s astronomy reach even further

UCT scholars enthusiastically welcomed the decision by the SKA Site Advisory Committee (SSAC) and its associates to assign a portion of the international Square Kilometre Array (SKA) of radio telescopes to South Africa.


Canadian UCT alumni are eager to name a room in the new UCT residence, Obz Square, and I hope you will consider joining in the Canadian response if you’ve not already done so.

Winning project makes a difference

The work of the Southern Africa Food Lab (SAFL) and the Rural Women’s Action Research Project (RWAR) are a good match for UCT’s social responsiveness objectives, both in letter and spirit.

Their research not only tackled two critical and complex social issues - food insecurity and the effects of customary law and the Traditional Courts Bill on women in rural South Africa, respectively - but also did so with energy and sensitivity, and offered solutions, to boot.

Dust Explorers - UCT researchers study the sources of dust

UCT researchers in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Science are conducting work around some of the world’s major dust sources and their contribution in driving global climate dynamics. Click the link below to watch the video.

UCT condemns passage of info bill without critical changes

UCT notes with extreme disappointment the fact that members of the South African parliament voted in favour of the proposed Protection of State Information Bill. This is despite the extraordinary strong civic voice that has risen against the proposed Bill.

Researchers the toast of UCT

UCT’s recently released Research Report 2010 chronicles the year’s highlights, including UCT’s standing as South Africa’s top producer of accredited research publications.

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