Spring Donor Report

April 2011 | Spring 2011

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all alumni in Canada who responded to the recent UCT Alumni Appeal. $13 600 was raised directly from this appeal to Canadian alumni in support of student bursaries and other designated projects. A total of $60 000 was raised in Canada during 2010 towards UCT initiatives.

Each year we have seen an increase in donations from alumni in Canada. We have also seen an increase in monthly donation pledges. This is an easy, automatic way of making a contribution to UCT’s Alumni Appeal throughout the year.

Globally, in recognition of the excellence of its academic leadership, UCT attracted a record amount in donations during 2010, with an overall 12% increase. Donations were received from 1,158 organisations and individuals, and 27 contributed $150 000 or more. The University received $5.7 million in donated financial support for students. UCT is now also increasingly encouraging bequest donations.

The Faculty of Health Sciences receives 37% of designated donated funds, with the Faculty of Humanities following closely behind. The Faculty of Science receives 22% of designated donations.

UCT alumni are scattered all over the globe. Of the total of 117 506 living alumni on record with UCT, 1,193 live in Canada, the 5th largest consolidation of alumni outside of South Africa. We know the number of alumni living in Canada to be much larger than what we have on record, and we call on all alumni to encourage their friends to update their information with UCT. We have increased our contact with alumni throughout Canada with various networking events, and want to increase the number of alumni who attend. Update your records..

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Executive Director Development & Alumni Department University of Cape Town

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