University of Cape Town, Regional Office Canada

Dear Alum,

This “Giving Tuesday” please give consideration to the important community work that UCT is undertaking - using its expertise to reach out to those in need through healthcare initiatives, working with teachers and school groups, and communities in need.

Please consider supporting Shawco’s 75th Anniversary campaign. Think back on the inspiring presentation Gavin Joachim gave to alumni across Canada earlier this year.

Alternatively, at “Alumni Giving” you can select a UCT project that speaks to your heart, that helps you make a meaningful impact in the beautiful Western Cape where you know there is hardship and lack of resources.

Join the movement that is giving back this Tuesday, and see how you can make a difference.

It’s easy - make your online PayPal donation through the UCTCanada website.

or mail your cheque made out to “University of Cape Town Donations” to the address below.

Your support CAN make a long-term difference to the many lives impacted upon by the University of Cape Town.

All donations go in their entirety to the project selected, and tax receipts will be issued.
Thank you for making a difference!


Di Stafford
Regional Director: Canada


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