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Dear Canadian Alum,

As I am sure you are aware, South African institutions of higher learning, UCT included, have been experiencing student protests across their campuses.

This unrest coincided with UCT launching its Distinguish UCT campaign, which had been in the planning stages for the past 18 months. Diminished financial support from government has necessitated this move if the university is to maintain its standards of educating long into the future. The call is to support the endowment, which will facilitate support of future strategic teaching and research programs within faculties, produce the next generation of talented academics, and provide for student support.

Amidst tumultuous times on campus we have decided to proceed with the annual appeal to alumni because we are looking to the future, to a future where UCT will continue to participate in globally recognised research and provide a world class education.

We ask that you join us in this vision, and we thank you if you have already done so.

Feel free to make an online donation at, mail your cheque to the address below, or call me with your credit card number at 416.648.5801. You can download a pledge form here.


Di Stafford
Regional Director: Canada


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